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  • [High hardness aluminum body]- Digital voice recorder with a colorful LCD screen is relatively light and small. You can carry it in any pocket or bag. Press the REC/SAVE button to start/save the recording, it is easy to use
  • [High capacity in battery and memory]- 16G large memory voice recorder can save 1100 hrs (1536kbps)recording files or 20000 songs. A digital voice recorder with a powerful battery can record 40 hours continuously. It only takes 1 hour to reach the maximum charge. It also can automatically save the files when the power is off
  • [Newly developed intelligent chip]- Digital voice recorder has two ultra-sensitive microphones with dynamic noise reduction, you can enjoy full and detailed stereo sound even while you’re up to 40ft away
  • [Powerful applications]- A-B repeat playback function is relatively convenient for studying language and reviewing lessons. With it, the recording can playback within a certain period of time. Digital voice recorder can automatically name files by date and time. It is useful to find out and manage your files. Digital recorder device has many choice features such as 8 levels to adjust the play speed, MP3 player, and password protection
  • [Widely used]- Voice-activated recording can automatically detect voice, reduce blank and whispering snippets, save space and time. It is perfect for lectures, meetings, class, and music affairs recordings. It is an amazing and durable gift for students, businessmen, bloggers, and authors. Besides, we offer a 12-month guarantee


ABSETSHOP Digital Voice Recorder with A-B repeat playback function, easily record meetings, lessons, and more in high-quality audio with this Digital Voice Recorder featuring up to 40 hours of battery life. MP3 player, support music format: MP3/WAV. Help you relax after your tiring lectures or classes.

Transferring files to or from the computer are very convenient and fast with android cable.

This Digital Voice Recorder is so light and small that you can carry it easily.

The recorder also has two ultra-sensitive microphones with dynamic noise reduction.

Package: 1×voice recorder, 1×android  cable, 1×VIP card, 1×user manual Why ABSETSHOP Digital Voice Recorder?

ABSETSHOP Digital Voice Recorder is easy to use. Just press one button to start/stop the recording. It is a 16GB Digital Voice Recorder with a newly developed intelligent chip in a clear 1536Kbps quality. It can store 20000 songs or 1100 hours of recording files. In addition, you will get a 40ft recording range, and get a clear and detailed stereo sound.   Voice-activated RecordingIt can set voice decibel into 8 different levels. And it can catch the talking voice only,  reduce blank and whispering snippets. Simple File Management

Digital voice recorder can automatically name files by date and time for easier organization. It is useful to manage the files.  Password Protection

Without the correct password, no one can access the device. It can protect your privacy.

Easy to Use

Convenient one-button recording operation, all buttons are logically designed. It is easy to learn how to use all the features for those who are not good at machines, even old people, beginners. REC/STOP: Recording/SavingPLAY/PAUSE: Playing an Auto-saving recorder can automatically save the files when the power is off.

424 reviews for ABSETSHOP 16GB Digital Voice Recorder

  1. Eric Miller


  2. Shanice Gallimore

    This product is great. Long battery life and super easy to operate.

  3. Lirong Chen

    I like the design of the product, the size is perfect also the price is reasonable. I ran into some problems when I start to use it. I recorded my lecture, but I could not play the recording. On the screen, it shows that the file format is not supported. I tried to reset the recording format. It still not working. I need somebody to contact me to reset the setting, please!

  4. Saiful Mukul

    The product looks very good and is rigid. The features are easy to access

  5. Tisha Norris

    I bought this for work and so far I like it. The sleek design and size is great. At first I didn’t know how to toggle between options on the screen, but I figured it out. Would recommend it to others.

  6. Teresa orbigozo

    Clear and crisp voice outcome. Very easy to use and maneuver and have all the accessories required

  7. Fanta Kouyate

    Beautiful with clear recording, long Lasting battery life and easy to use

  8. Wayne Gillis

    I like the small design since it is easy to carry with me. The operation of the unit is simple and I intend to use it particularly for my daily reminders.

  9. monica hughes

    There is no menu with the recorder. And this is a thumb down ! Although you can just push the side bottons to play around and figure it out. Still think “a menu” will be better.
    Recorder is super cute! The size and overall design is pretty good!
    The sound quality is fine. But how to record is a little confusing without a menu.
    Price is very good.
    Comes with warranty and $30 gift card option.
    Overall– well worthy to but it!

  10. Y’na

    I’m having trouble deleting single recordings. It appears to delete I must delete all.

  11. Mike

    Slim, sleek design, easy to use. Compact and durable.

  12. Josh fields

    This product is amazing I can record my own beats and songs to use later when making songs

  13. Max Rao

    Very small. High gloss finish. Satisfying click. Simplicity

  14. Kiran Maharjan

    Item looks cool, small, portable, functions are very easy which i liked it. But record quality is not as much as iPhone so there is space to improve its record quality.

  15. Ashley Roberts

    Great sound! Buttons are a little less responsive than I’d love, but they work just fine. I also wish the screen stayed on during long recordings.

  16. Nicholas Durham

    Great product. Easy to use. Layout simple. Sound is clear.

  17. Daneria Hendon

    Small and convenient. Instructions were easy to understand making set up a breeze. Playback was clear. Great purchase.

  18. Gloria Dixon

    I bought this for my 94 year old father. He wants to record some stories for us.

  19. Garnett McMahon

    Very nice! Well built, sleek. The recordings sound good so far. I haven’t totally figured it out yet but I’m working on it. So far I’m happy

  20. stephen

    So far it woorks great i hope it will last longer then my last recorder from another company . I find it easy to get to know the fetures and work it well.

  21. Devorah Grunwald

    The recording is good but I can’t figure out how to use as MP3 player

  22. Katlin mchenry

    Small and definitely works, using it to record meetings and for classes. Very small and easy to hide . Love the color and how much it holds

  23. Alyssa Marchant

    It works great and the size makes it easier to take anywhere you go!

  24. Steven Grimes

    So far this product is awesome. I have used it to record 2 times and it seems to pick up the sound very well. I would highly recommend this to everyone.

  25. Xavier Dawson

    Really enjoy it! I’ve gotten obsessed with Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks as of late and realized how good the idea of recording my thoughts into a voice recorder would be, which your product enables excellently!

  26. Emma Helms

    I purchased for use at work. It seems simple which is what I need.

  27. Patrick OBrien

    This is a decent product, came fully charged and works reasonably well for recording and playing back video recordings.

  28. Nick Magyar

    We had other voice recorders that was used for lectures and business meetings. this product. Never has missed a recording

  29. Nichole Norvesh

    I think I’m going to love it, but I just need to learn to use it a little more. It seems really sensitive, which is great!


    so far everything is great needed this for my college classes!!

  31. Jazlyn Seda

    Grate product love it easy to use

  32. R Root

    easy to use , works well , compact , sleek designe

  33. Monica de campos

    This recorder works great. The menu function on this recorder is the best of the lot – you can get to most of the functions of the recorder by just pressing the menu key and then working through the menu – no confusing graphics, just good text and logical sub menus.The playback is great too- it is loud and very clear.This is a great value.

  34. Ken Barnoski

    It’s very sleek and user friendly.

  35. Dennis c Self

    I have not used it very long but at has been what I was looking for.Perfect size for what I need I have told my friends and family and you get some sales from them thanks very much.

  36. Michael Park

    No attached or optional clip or key holder. It will be great if included them

  37. Ed

    I got this product to help myself and my dad with some privacy issues. This product is amazing. I can discreetly use it just in case for some situations. I ended up gifting it to my dad who needs it the most.

  38. Timothy Wiggins

    Slim and smooth design for easy carrying and storage. Excellent sound and recording functionality.

  39. Dennis Burks

    This product has a great sound quality. It is easy to operate, and transferring song files from computer to recorder is very easy. The voice recorder works very good. I plan to carry it with me for reminders and “to do” lists.

  40. Jennifer Mann

    This is a great product very helpful for work.

  41. Amanda Hoover

    Love the size and easy to use.

  42. Brooke smith

    It’s super user friendly. Small and can be used anywhere!

  43. Laurie Czerwieniec

    I really love this recording device it is so easy to use with one button recording with auto save. It is small and sleek but built very solid. Sound quality is great when recording music, lectures, conversations with easy playback.

  44. Mike

    Sound Quality is awesome 👌 I really like the design. I really recommed this product.

  45. NengVang

    Good product solid build quality and very small portable to take with and love using it for class and meeting. Sound good and for the price it is good deal overall good product will recommend to friends and family.

  46. Zhang xiaohui

    This is a very good mini record!

  47. Johnny Vazquez

    Great Voice recorder! Just what I was looking for to keep track of Guitar riffs and other musical ideas to record at the studio later on. Love that is has the option to adjust microphone sensitivity. Playback on the spot is a bonus. .

  48. Eric

    Very sleek. I like the design. Very small

  49. Darina

    I really like this product’s design, very clean and easy to bring it anywhere, because it’s small and slim. And easy to use it, so I would like to recommend to my family this product!

  50. ma liang

    it has a very good quality and it comes with headphones

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