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  • [High hardness aluminum body]- Digital voice recorder with a colorful LCD screen is relatively light and small. You can carry it in any pocket or bag. Press the REC/SAVE button to start/save the recording, it is easy to use
  • [High capacity in battery and memory]- 16G large memory voice recorder can save 1100 hrs (1536kbps)recording files or 20000 songs. A digital voice recorder with a powerful battery can record 40 hours continuously. It only takes 1 hour to reach the maximum charge. It also can automatically save the files when the power is off
  • [Newly developed intelligent chip]- Digital voice recorder has two ultra-sensitive microphones with dynamic noise reduction, you can enjoy full and detailed stereo sound even while you’re up to 40ft away
  • [Powerful applications]- A-B repeat playback function is relatively convenient for studying language and reviewing lessons. With it, the recording can playback within a certain period of time. Digital voice recorder can automatically name files by date and time. It is useful to find out and manage your files. Digital recorder device has many choice features such as 8 levels to adjust the play speed, MP3 player, and password protection
  • [Widely used]- Voice-activated recording can automatically detect voice, reduce blank and whispering snippets, save space and time. It is perfect for lectures, meetings, class, and music affairs recordings. It is an amazing and durable gift for students, businessmen, bloggers, and authors. Besides, we offer a 12-month guarantee


ABSETSHOP Digital Voice Recorder with A-B repeat playback function, easily record meetings, lessons, and more in high-quality audio with this Digital Voice Recorder featuring up to 40 hours of battery life. MP3 player, support music format: MP3/WAV. Help you relax after your tiring lectures or classes.

Transferring files to or from the computer are very convenient and fast with android cable.

This Digital Voice Recorder is so light and small that you can carry it easily.

The recorder also has two ultra-sensitive microphones with dynamic noise reduction.

Package: 1×voice recorder, 1×android  cable, 1×VIP card, 1×user manual Why ABSETSHOP Digital Voice Recorder?

ABSETSHOP Digital Voice Recorder is easy to use. Just press one button to start/stop the recording. It is a 16GB Digital Voice Recorder with a newly developed intelligent chip in a clear 1536Kbps quality. It can store 20000 songs or 1100 hours of recording files. In addition, you will get a 40ft recording range, and get a clear and detailed stereo sound.   Voice-activated RecordingIt can set voice decibel into 8 different levels. And it can catch the talking voice only,  reduce blank and whispering snippets. Simple File Management

Digital voice recorder can automatically name files by date and time for easier organization. It is useful to manage the files.  Password Protection

Without the correct password, no one can access the device. It can protect your privacy.

Easy to Use

Convenient one-button recording operation, all buttons are logically designed. It is easy to learn how to use all the features for those who are not good at machines, even old people, beginners. REC/STOP: Recording/SavingPLAY/PAUSE: Playing an Auto-saving recorder can automatically save the files when the power is off.

427 reviews for ABSETSHOP 16GB Digital Voice Recorder

  1. Kayla Tempel

    I bought this recorder to be able to record lectures while I’m in nursing school! I will definitely be sharing this product with many of my friends who will be attending nursing school with me so we all can get the best grades possible to keep moving forward! I’m excited to use this product to help me achieve my goals!

  2. Greg Hultberg

    Easy to use. Just read the manual first.

  3. Katie Shcherbenkova

    Great product so far! So great that I will probably order one for my dad who loves these recorders. He especially liked this one because it looked sleek and classy!

  4. Shondell Tanner

    I bought this to record Bible stories for my daughter. I’m very excited to use it. I tested the sound already and it is nice quality. I am happy it doesn’t require batteries and is easy to use. Thank you

  5. Tabia Margaretich

    Clear recording. Easy and intuitive to use

  6. Jeanne Reid

    I bought this recorder since it appeared to have simple functionality. However, it was difficult to figure out the functions, especially since some buttons have multiple functions. Also, when I turn unit on, it immediately takes me screen to record. According to directions, not supposed to. Haven’t listened to what I recorded yet, so don’t even know if it worked. I usually don’t provide reviews so hope the info is helpful. I don’t know if I would recommend the product or not.

  7. Alejandro Tomey

    Its been great so far very easy to use and it can record for long periods of time and for the prize i am very happy with my purchase great job.

  8. Tina Tapy

    Bought as a gift. Still working on logistics of the product. It seems simple to use with some practices.

  9. Mike Jones

    simple to use and very clear and loud

  10. Tiffany Shockley

    Love this wonderful product! I love how clear and loud the sound is when replaying!

  11. Tiffany shockley

    Love this recorder wonderful sound and such clear sound quality!

  12. Athena Kokinos

    It arrived cracked will you replace?

  13. Dwight Ross

    Haven’t used it yet but looks like a well built unit

  14. Emily Lilly

    I am a graduate college student and this item is perfect to help with lectures. The sound quality is really impressive. It was cheaper than local instore options while being smaller to carry around and looking sleeker.

  15. Tammy Hawthorne

    Gpod prodict, but cant find how to name my file in the recorder. Also the tap an hold vs the quick tap very confusing to do with a small device and big hands

  16. Amber

    Great! Great great great great great great great


    The product is small and sleek. I find it hard to press the buttons and the instructions could have been better.

  18. Lance Shaw

    Functions well as a recorder. I have tried on 2 computers but neither recognize the device so I cant get audio files from the device.

  19. Jamye husted

    I like the small size and it’s design , it’ll fit in my purse easily or briefcase. Thank you!


    This product is not user friendly. The instructions were brief. Had problem deleting. The button does not simply delete. Had to figure out how to delete. recordings, it did not happen at a push of the delete button.i . the sound is great, clear, excellent.

  21. jorge orozco

    this recorder is so easy to use that my mom could use it .love it!

  22. Juan Ponce

    I was looking for something that my grandmother could use that was simple and easy to use. She is dying so I wanted her to be able to leave her wisdom and loving memory with an audio recording for our family. I tested it out beforehand and I must say the construction and audio quality is impressive. I will definitely get one for myself and as gifts for others!

  23. Frances Olson

    The product is very easy to use and the recordings are very clear & crisp.

  24. Barry Bennett

    Currently, I have used the product and find it very workable

  25. Matthew Fields

    This voice recorder is sleek, light and has good playback

  26. Anne Hrehov

    Perfect size to use for lectures and be discreet about my accommodations.

  27. Teresa Lynne Roth

    Sleek, easily carried, for when out and about

  28. Illonda Mccants

    The product is user friendly. Small enough to carry anywhere with you
    The price is affordable as well

  29. Akiva herman

    I am so incredibly happy with this product. I recorded and it worked beautifully. It is so sleek and sharp.

  30. mendelsphotography

    Very good amazing but by default should be fixed to sensitivity level 0

  31. shakira MONAY squire

    i like to receord music on the recording device to play for my children later or husband.

  32. Cathy Nguyen

    Sleek, simple design & easy to use

  33. Mignon A Fields

    Recieved the product a 2 days early.

  34. paul l mckenzie jr

    i needed to get some family history couldnt be happier

  35. Scott Spencer

    Appreciate the small profile and functionality of the product

  36. Daniel Pollworth

    Only been using for a few hours. Performs as expected, very sleek and easy to use.

  37. Kristen Nicole Howard

    I really like the recorder it is perfect for what I needed it for and I can actually hear what I recorded.

  38. David Mayes

    Shuts off completely and must be re-started. Screen recently went dark. Would like to exchange it for a new one.

  39. Manish GUpta

    Great product. Very easy to use and really nice form factor. I spent a couple of hours researching available options within my budget and found this to meet my needs, The biggest advantage is the ease of use. Have had many voice recorders in the past and have struggled with making it functional for my needs. Between recording and using them for studies was one of main reasons. Good choice!

  40. Nadia

    I like this product because the recordings are very clear, especially in a quiet room.

  41. Eric Bosman

    Great quality. Good size. Easy to hide . Good sound with playback

  42. Andreu Baramuli

    Great product, more portable and sleek than I expected.

  43. Brie Walsh

    I liked how easily this product worked compared to most other voice recorders- it is simple to use and has great sound.

  44. April Ginn

    I love this device I use it for everything

  45. Redea Simmons

    helps me remember my grocery list

  46. Elena hume

    Haven’t tried it yet. If I will leave a review as soon as I have had a chance to actually use it

  47. michele James

    Records Clearly easy to use, compact

  48. Pinchas Traube

    Excellent product. Love it. Simple and easy to use! Small and compact. Great for interviewing.

  49. Cora Chan

    It’s very handy and good sound quality!

  50. Omid Zandi

    The sound saturates sometimes.

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