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  • [High hardness aluminum body]- Digital voice recorder with a colorful LCD screen is relatively light and small. You can carry it in any pocket or bag. Press the REC/SAVE button to start/save the recording, it is easy to use
  • [High capacity in battery and memory]- 16G large memory voice recorder can save 1100 hrs (1536kbps)recording files or 20000 songs. A digital voice recorder with a powerful battery can record 40 hours continuously. It only takes 1 hour to reach the maximum charge. It also can automatically save the files when the power is off
  • [Newly developed intelligent chip]- Digital voice recorder has two ultra-sensitive microphones with dynamic noise reduction, you can enjoy full and detailed stereo sound even while you’re up to 40ft away
  • [Powerful applications]- A-B repeat playback function is relatively convenient for studying language and reviewing lessons. With it, the recording can playback within a certain period of time. Digital voice recorder can automatically name files by date and time. It is useful to find out and manage your files. Digital recorder device has many choice features such as 8 levels to adjust the play speed, MP3 player, and password protection
  • [Widely used]- Voice-activated recording can automatically detect voice, reduce blank and whispering snippets, save space and time. It is perfect for lectures, meetings, class, and music affairs recordings. It is an amazing and durable gift for students, businessmen, bloggers, and authors. Besides, we offer a 12-month guarantee


ABSETSHOP Digital Voice Recorder with A-B repeat playback function, easily record meetings, lessons, and more in high-quality audio with this Digital Voice Recorder featuring up to 40 hours of battery life. MP3 player, support music format: MP3/WAV. Help you relax after your tiring lectures or classes.

Transferring files to or from the computer are very convenient and fast with android cable.

This Digital Voice Recorder is so light and small that you can carry it easily.

The recorder also has two ultra-sensitive microphones with dynamic noise reduction.

Package: 1×voice recorder, 1×android  cable, 1×VIP card, 1×user manual Why ABSETSHOP Digital Voice Recorder?

ABSETSHOP Digital Voice Recorder is easy to use. Just press one button to start/stop the recording. It is a 16GB Digital Voice Recorder with a newly developed intelligent chip in a clear 1536Kbps quality. It can store 20000 songs or 1100 hours of recording files. In addition, you will get a 40ft recording range, and get a clear and detailed stereo sound.   Voice-activated RecordingIt can set voice decibel into 8 different levels. And it can catch the talking voice only,  reduce blank and whispering snippets. Simple File Management

Digital voice recorder can automatically name files by date and time for easier organization. It is useful to manage the files.  Password Protection

Without the correct password, no one can access the device. It can protect your privacy.

Easy to Use

Convenient one-button recording operation, all buttons are logically designed. It is easy to learn how to use all the features for those who are not good at machines, even old people, beginners. REC/STOP: Recording/SavingPLAY/PAUSE: Playing an Auto-saving recorder can automatically save the files when the power is off.

428 reviews for ABSETSHOP 16GB Digital Voice Recorder

  1. Boyd B Pleasants

    Product is great…..but, someone needs to proofread the last question…..I’m old school
    Misspelled or mistyped words drive me crazy🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. Dr. Melissa McKinney

    the product is small which, I like but, the buttons are almost too small. I am not able to delete from device but can when plugged in to computer. Would be nice to have scrolling “up” and “down” buttons/functions. Just started using so we’ll see.

  3. Rosalia Morton

    It works great. Looks nice and I’m excited to use it

  4. cora jin

    Very nice product! I love it! I use it as a MP3 player for my toddler who loves songs!

  5. Shuya Yang

    Could improve recording range. Once I’m about ten feet away from the source, audio gets a bit hard to hear.

  6. Eric Lee Montgomery

    I love the sleek design and functionality of the recorder, also it was a value for what I received.

  7. Charles Edward Graham jr

    Your product really works for what I need it for thanks you guys y’all are the best🤝

  8. Brenda N Lee

    Great purchase. It is easy to use.

  9. LeeAnn Mumaw

    I like the size and how small and compact it is.

  10. Lorena Miranda Rivas

    Very modern; classy and easy to use

  11. Madyson McBroom

    Great product! Very light! Perfect for travel. It was very easy how to figure out how to use without even using the instructions. Recommend

  12. Melissa Dryer

    Extremely easy to use. Would highly recommend

  13. Blaundiashantel ScottMcGowan

    Nice I’ll use it for school

  14. Lisa Nickell

    Very small screen means very small directory. Unable to record after trying to set date/time and other choices. Tried factory reset and now says format not supported. Please help.

  15. Ramsey Lawson

    Very portable, and works great.

  16. Aleice Hughes

    Sleek, small, light, self explanatory

  17. Joel Rothhaar

    Good quality. Lots of fun. Good color.

  18. Ralph A Joseph

    Haven’t used it yet but I like the size and packaging.

  19. Larry E Hall

    So far, so good. Really need a user manual. PDF?

  20. Lori Anderson

    Haven’t had time to really get the full experience of the item. Will update again later !

  21. Ariel Bloomer

    I like the size. I think it’s great that it came with headphones which is nice. It also has a very explicit owners manual and is easy to use.

  22. Derek Klanfer

    Thus far, it’s an impressive item…

  23. Eli Muller

    It is very clear and sharp and it has a play/pause function Which is very Rare Slim and compact

  24. Moshe Silberman

    I like it’s so sleek. And narrow and pretty. And works well

  25. Westfield high school

    Didn’t try it yet. I will write a review after trial

  26. Stacey Moronski

    Product is as expected. Very satisfied. Definitely recommend.

  27. Yuval heller

    Looks great. I look forward to use it to record lectures.

  28. Yaakov Polstein

    It works and is a good product. Happy I got it

  29. Jahnine Mullings

    I use this to record my lectures. The quality of good.

  30. Gary Amaral

    Device came without a charge in the battery. Lucky it charges pretty quickly

  31. Kathryn Stewart

    Works well. Easy to use. Thank you!

  32. Isabella Rothe

    It’s a nice size with a good display. The speakers actually work pretty well and it’s good for basic interview recordings.

  33. Ekaterina

    Quality of a sound is not good

  34. Luke Hebert

    Works Good so far, easy to use.

  35. Johnny Tagum

    Love the product. Very handy, fits in my pocket allowing me to record anytime and anywhere. The battery life is great.

  36. TJ

    I haven’t used it yet so I cannot tell you how I like it.

  37. David Cohen

    Great product worked very well great quality

  38. Justin Tirrell

    I like the password lock. I use the recorder often when sorting through stressful problems, and I appreciate that people won’t be able to listen to my thoughts willy nilly.

  39. Cecelia Emery

    Work’s great and no issues to report as of now

  40. Casey Frey

    Great and functional design and product at a price point that is perfect and fair. Will be back for more.

  41. April Freedley

    My kids Love it and it was easy to use.

  42. Mohamed hasan

    I start use this product for company meeting, conferences and personal remainder. It exclent product, very clear, compact and use to place in pocket. I have not use it for music but I am sure will great.

  43. Mark Tierney

    Product arrived in sturdy packaging brand new and untouched. Everything is exactly as advertised on Amazon. I’m very happy with my purchase.

  44. Brittney

    The recorder gets the job done and it is easy to carry around.

  45. David Rubio

    Device is easy to use, sound is perfect, long lasting battery life, noise reduction headphone. put the cherry on top.

  46. Anne Qu

    Product is sleek and a convenient size with an intuitive and simple to use interface

  47. Eric page

    Okie seems to be working well. Thank you

  48. Alex Campbell

    The product is great! Audio quality is sharp, loud, and the recorder is easy to use. I definitely recommend this product.

  49. Nicholas S. DOMINGUEZ

    Love it for work ams school ans doing homework

  50. Michelle Raww

    I like it alot , kind of hard to handle because it’s sooooo small though

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