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  • [High hardness aluminum body]- Digital voice recorder with a colorful LCD screen is relatively light and small. You can carry it in any pocket or bag. Press the REC/SAVE button to start/save the recording, it is easy to use
  • [High capacity in battery and memory]- 16G large memory voice recorder can save 1100 hrs (1536kbps)recording files or 20000 songs. A digital voice recorder with a powerful battery can record 40 hours continuously. It only takes 1 hour to reach the maximum charge. It also can automatically save the files when the power is off
  • [Newly developed intelligent chip]- Digital voice recorder has two ultra-sensitive microphones with dynamic noise reduction, you can enjoy full and detailed stereo sound even while you’re up to 40ft away
  • [Powerful applications]- A-B repeat playback function is relatively convenient for studying language and reviewing lessons. With it, the recording can playback within a certain period of time. Digital voice recorder can automatically name files by date and time. It is useful to find out and manage your files. Digital recorder device has many choice features such as 8 levels to adjust the play speed, MP3 player, and password protection
  • [Widely used]- Voice-activated recording can automatically detect voice, reduce blank and whispering snippets, save space and time. It is perfect for lectures, meetings, class, and music affairs recordings. It is an amazing and durable gift for students, businessmen, bloggers, and authors. Besides, we offer a 12-month guarantee


ABSETSHOP Digital Voice Recorder with A-B repeat playback function, easily record meetings, lessons, and more in high-quality audio with this Digital Voice Recorder featuring up to 40 hours of battery life. MP3 player, support music format: MP3/WAV. Help you relax after your tiring lectures or classes.

Transferring files to or from the computer are very convenient and fast with android cable.

This Digital Voice Recorder is so light and small that you can carry it easily.

The recorder also has two ultra-sensitive microphones with dynamic noise reduction.

Package: 1×voice recorder, 1×android  cable, 1×VIP card, 1×user manual Why ABSETSHOP Digital Voice Recorder?

ABSETSHOP Digital Voice Recorder is easy to use. Just press one button to start/stop the recording. It is a 16GB Digital Voice Recorder with a newly developed intelligent chip in a clear 1536Kbps quality. It can store 20000 songs or 1100 hours of recording files. In addition, you will get a 40ft recording range, and get a clear and detailed stereo sound.   Voice-activated RecordingIt can set voice decibel into 8 different levels. And it can catch the talking voice only,  reduce blank and whispering snippets. Simple File Management

Digital voice recorder can automatically name files by date and time for easier organization. It is useful to manage the files.  Password Protection

Without the correct password, no one can access the device. It can protect your privacy.

Easy to Use

Convenient one-button recording operation, all buttons are logically designed. It is easy to learn how to use all the features for those who are not good at machines, even old people, beginners. REC/STOP: Recording/SavingPLAY/PAUSE: Playing an Auto-saving recorder can automatically save the files when the power is off.

424 reviews for ABSETSHOP 16GB Digital Voice Recorder

  1. Sharon Williams

    Looking forward to using this for my new job.

  2. Amanda Shores

    Very easy to use. I am an 80’s baby and therefore I’m not that knowledgeable about technology. I have purchased 3 different types of recorders and they all had insanely difficult directions and I can’t even use them so that was well over 100$ wasted. I looked at the reviews and the video for this item before I purchased it and thought that it would be easier but was actually shocked at just how easy it really was for ME! Its very sleek and slim and for the most part self explanatory even for ME! So I am thrilled that FINALLY I have a voice recorder that I can actually use and be completely incognito about it♡


    I need it for class and this recorder is extremely easy to use

  4. Jennifer townsend

    Useful for my kids to do narrations for school. Easy to use

  5. Jake Drummond

    It does exactly what I wanted it to do. I think it’s a good product and I will let my friends know about it.

  6. Wendy Adams

    This is going to be great to use for class lectures, small and easy to use

  7. Amanda Enerson

    Haven’t used it yet but it feels high quality and looks simple to use

  8. Abe Alexander

    For the price I paid it should have Bluetooth and a clip to carry safely. Also I cannot detect good stereo separation in the microphone.

  9. Timothy Anderson

    Looks solid and simple to use.

  10. Leah Crooks

    Great so far! Still need more testing.

  11. Tara Deihm

    The product takes some time to learn. The included manual refers to functions that do not seem to appear on the item itself. I assumed that “Voice Activated” meant there is a setting that I can choose that will start a recording after it registers a voice. I was clearly wrong. Recording requires pushing a button after setting up the voice activation feature, which means that I will still be required to fumble with it when trying to record something on the go. I was hoping for something more “hands free,” as I purchased this item to allow me to record important information when my hands are full or while driving. I’m sure it will still some in handy, but the only things that makes it better than the old, hand-held tape recorder I am replacing is that it’s rechargeable and I don’t need cassette tapes.


    It seems, it will be very useful to me for my research

  13. Delilah Bona

    Simple to use. Design nice and slim. Keeps the charge – long lasting.

  14. Ahmad S Amirhamzeh

    I havent tried it yet so I dont know what you want me to say

  15. Tim Norden

    Very sleek and easy to conceal… like that it is rechargeable

  16. Janel Porter

    Good product! Nice and compact! Very discreet

  17. Wilna desir

    Works very well and is very useful

  18. Mary Fornah

    Will update once I start using it today

  19. Adrienne Rank

    Small, easy to use and lifetime service is great! Delighted I purchased this product.

  20. Meaghan Terrell

    Super slim very easy to use I’m not very good with learning new things and this was very easy to use

  21. Andres Gomez

    Excellent product. I wish the screen text was a bit larger for those of us who are older and use glasses. Also, navigating the menu is not easy, it’s not that intuitive.

  22. Kimberly Marie Nance

    I purchased this product so I could record my nursing lectures and play them back while driving, at work, or just riding around. So far I love it! it is so easy to use and download files to my computer.

  23. Soua Yang

    I just received it today so im still learning how to use it.

  24. Makean

    I Like the size and it seems simple to use. Heavy duty and fits hand nicely.

  25. DeAndre Davis

    I like how it is very modern and sleek design the buttons were very self-explanatory it’s like an MP3 back in the late early 2000s And 16 GB is enough storage for the classes I’m taking thanks

  26. Alisa Hayes

    I wanted something easy to use at a good price, and I found it in your product.

  27. Moosa Iqbal

    I liked it but to hard to use it was confusing at first how to turn it on and turn of how to record but then I
    Figured it out but the screen was too small for my big hands

  28. Renee Miller

    So far, this has been a favorite design with great quality for recordings. I have not had the item for very long; however, upon trials it has been great to use so far.

  29. mark melzl

    Great recorder. Great sound and clarity in a nice small package.

  30. Michael Roston

    The sound is clear, and it has good pickup of sound. Also like how small it is and it feels very solid and strong. It has good weight to it like it’s a more expensive product.

  31. Michael nissim

    Nice color, sufficiantly loud speakers, compact and easy to use, fits description on amazon

  32. Shelli Haag

    It records everything I need it to clearly

  33. Beth Gauthier

    I like the design and the easy functions

  34. Chloe Peckham

    it is nice and works very well, easy to use

  35. John Rawson Jr

    I just purchased hoping it will help with my bad memory problems. Just received it today so haven’t really put it to the test but I like what I see and have heard.

  36. Zen Kamalani

    Very sleek, and functions really well!

  37. Michael Blomquist’

    Easy to use, light weight, & good sound quality

  38. Paul DiMeglio

    I am ready to use it to record interesting musical get together jams myself and friends

  39. Naynicel Cardoso Gomes

    Small and easy to record. This came in handy because I needed something districted and easy to record . I love the fact it comes with a usb cable to download the recording

  40. Evan meyers

    Very sleek and easy to use. I like it so far.

  41. Matt Milan

    This product works well for my intended purposes. Since my memory is constantly fading, seemingly almost daily, I primarily use it to leave myself voice messages to play back at specific times of day

  42. Jessica Parise

    Great product, great design will definitely recommend to people

  43. Ryan Hershberger

    It’s been a great recorder and I look forward to using it often

  44. Chun Qin Lin Fontes

    It’s not very convenient to listen to the recording. More buttons/ functions might work better.

  45. Cassy Mahan

    I will share the info about your product and recommend it. But I won’t share mine. 🙂 So far I love it!

  46. Jenn Berggren

    Haven’t used it very much yet. So far impressed with sound quality and ability to record

  47. Olena

    This product is a Simple, easy use and good design. I like it because it’s a very small and I can hide it in my palm

  48. TuWann Worthey

    Just received it. Only used it twice so far but it works well

  49. Mimi Rozmaryn

    Seems great so far, fast shipping and looks really sleek.

  50. Ben Sorrells

    Very good for gift for my son. It works good.

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